Quiz: What’s my hair type?

There’s one thing that makes it a LOT easier to take care of your hair… and that is, knowing your hair type. Why? Because knowing your hair type tells you which type of products you should use and what hairstyles work best. But we know it’s not easy to determine it on your own. So, here’s a short and sweet hair type quiz to help you out!

How do you do it? Just identify which of the hairstyles below looks most similar to yours. And keep scrolling to know all the deets about it. Learn how to take care of it and what products will work best for you. Don’t look further, this is the only quiz you need.

PS: Stay with us for the biggest hair-hack for your hair type at the end…

Photos Credit: Unsplash.com

Type 1A: Straight Hair

Is your hair naturally straight and lightweight? Then this is your group. This type of hair usually doesn’t hold curls well, unless you use a spray or misthold.

hair type

Type 1B Hair

Not all straight hair is the same… Take this type 1B. This type of straight hair is fuller, thicker-looking with heavier locks that kind of bend at the tips.

hair type

Type 1C Hair

This type of hair is mostly straight but also kind of wavy starting on the middle towards the tips.When you have this type of hair you are more prone to experience a little frizz.

Our Product Pick for Type 1 Hair:

A dry or clarifying shampoo! Using these products will make your straight strands look fresh and alive. Clarifying shampoos help you deep cleanse, while also extending the time between washes. Dry shampoos, as the name suggests, is what you can use between those washes to keep it clean and with body.

hair type

Type 2A: Wavy Hair

This type of hair has a very loose S-shape. While it’s not precisely curled, it insinuates it. The 2A hair is usually super baby-fine but very easy to manage.

hair type

Type 2B Hair

If you have 2B hair, you probably have much more defined waves that change noticeably with humidity. In more humid temperatures your hair may look beachy, but in drier climates it may seem more settled. So if this is your hair, be glad you are just born with beautiful beachy waves!

hair type

Type 2C Hair

Now, 2C peeps, you have the privilege of owning super tight and swirly waves. This is the type of hair we define as “borderline curly”.

Our Product Pick for Type 2 Hair:

If this is your category then you are very familiar with frizz—but there’s an instant fix to this! Try hair serum. Apply some after every wash for a very smooth finish that will have your waves under control, even during the windiest of days.

hair type

Type 3A: Curly Hair

Are your natural curls loose but with a clear S-shape pattern? Then hello type 3 hair! The #1 rule for this type of hair is: hydration! You can keep your locks hydrated with a leave-in conditioner.

hair type

Type 3B Hair

If your hair is curly with a little more volume than the previous type, you are a Type 3B. This hair usually looks as if the curls were stretched out, with a less clear pattern and a more wild design. Again, hydration is key to keep these locks looking their natural gorgeous!

hair type

Type 3C Hair

Think tight corkscrews. With type 3C hair, your curls are more dense and rough. A more tailored hydration treatment can really help you out.

Our Product Pick for Type 3 Hair:

With Type 3 hair, a washing system is top priority. Considering a co-washing system, meaning, washing your hair solely with conditioner, will deeply nourish your hair leaving it smooth and ready!

hair type

Type 4A: Coily hair

This is the category for tightly twisted hair. If your strands are miniature and coiled, with a clearly visible S-shape pattern, then this is your group.

hair type

Type 4B Hair

The dreamy Z-shape curls. When you have this type of hair, it may naturally shrink up, appearing shorter than it really is. This hair type also allows you to test out different hairstyles, like curl-stretching or low manipulation styles.

hair type

Type 4C hair

Have you got less defined curlies? Then 4C is your type of hair. With the Z-shape pattern and density of your beautiful locks, your hair can dry up and damage pretty easily.

Our Product Pick for Type 4 Hair:

You’ve got the most delicate tresses. So you will find the most benefit from hair oils that nurture and keep your locks shiny and soft.


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