millennials going bald hair loss

Why are millennials going bald?

For millennials it seems that going bald is the new black. According to research from the American Psychological Association, millennials are more stressed out than any other generation. And, in turn, stress related hair loss is one of the main causes of anxiety among the youngest generations. We know it can be upsetting to lose your hair in your twenties, but you’re not alone! Millennials going bald is more common every day, and this is why.


Hair and Stress 

According to The Healthy Journal, one-fifth of men will experience significant hair loss by the age of 20. We know it’s a hard change to swallow! Now, you’re probably wondering what’s the deal with millennials and hair loss.

Here’s the deal… It’s not just male pattern baldness (alopecia), there’s a whole lot of other causes for hair loss at a young age. Some of the most common ones are hormonal changes, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disorders, diets and of course, stress.

This hard truth might not be as surprising as it seemed before. You get how millennials’ anxiety is spiking. They are under a lot more stress than previous generations due to the difficulty of achieving financial stability, finding a job and having debt from student loans.

Seems like a lot, right?

millennials going bald hair loss

Hair and Confidence

Studies prove there’s a link between hair and confidence, and of course losing it might be a difficult blow to your self-esteem. Most millennials going bald lack self-confidence.

Do this exercise… describe yourself in three physical features. Did you include something about your hair? Probably! Hair is one of the top first impressions we recall from others, so it’s normal that it has a huge impact on how we view ourselves. 

One thing is for sure, with the growing amount of hair loss comes a more hair-aware generation. Millennials are not having it! And we totally get it. 

You CAN feel like yourself again!

The bottom line? There is still no cure for male and female pattern baldness. And although it’s tempting to use these studies as an excuse to accept your fate and shave that head, you still DO have hair! And you CAN do something about it!

So, before you spend thousands of dollars on hair transplants, consider Hair Fibers and boost your self-confidence in just 2 minutes.

How? Hair fibers are charged with magnetism that makes them adhere to the static of human hair instantly. Yes, yes, yes! You can make  your existing hair look fuller and thicker in just a couple of minutes.


Millennials going bald, here are some tips.

Some bonus tips for you! If you’re part of the millennials going bald, or you’re concerned of your receding hairline: eat well and exercise, don’t stress, use shampoo that contains minoxidil, consider getting a prescription for propecia if you feel it is necessary. And, if all else fails, Hairatin is here for you! 

Did you relate to this article? Try Hair Fibers. You won’t regret it.