Hair Building Fibers
Turn your Hair fuller

Natural keratin fibers will instantly eliminate the appearance of thinning hair or hair loss.


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Hairatin Fibers

Turn your hair thicker instantly.

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Hairatin Fiber Mist Hold

Lock fibers for a long results.

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Set of Fibers, Mist & Optimizer

Essential Set for Fine Hair

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Hairatin Gray & Roots

Conceal head, eyebrows, mustache & beard.

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Hairatin Hair Fibers SixPack

Get thicker & fuller hair instantly.

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Set of Fibers, Mist, Optimizer & Concealer

Set of hair fibers and roots concealer essentials.

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3D Collagen Gel Mascara

Get the wide-eyed look of faux eyelashes without side effects.

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3D Fiber Lash Extension Kit

Get the wide-eyed look.

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Clarifying Shampoo & Keratin Treatment

Volumizing set of hair care essentials.

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Hairatin Clarifying Shampoo

Volumize and remove build ups for a healthier fuller hair.

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Hairatin Keratin Treatment

For a fuller look and feel.

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HairMax LaserBand 82

Comfortable, portable and convenient for home use or while traveling.

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Available In
8 Color Match Shades

Our unique color-match formulation results in translucent color fibers that are shiny, just like the hair, to blend perfectly without looking opaque-matte.

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Discover the celebrity stylist's best kept secret products. At Hairatin, we offer the most innovative technology and easy to use solutions for common hair aging signs like thinning hair, balding or gray hair by creating effective and instant transformation products that deliver natural-looking results.

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Hairatin® Blog

Check out our Blog and learn how to take care of your Hair Aging Signs

Gray Hairs on the Hairline?

I saw my first gray hair on my 30’s; I must admit it was Terrifying! I was not prepared for it at all, had no idea what to do about it so I did what I’m sure most people would’ve done in my position, I decided to pluck it: MISTAKE #1.  I don’t have many… View Article

Hair transplant limitations

Hair transplants surgery is nowadays a very common and effective alternative against Hair Loss and it is probably the only “permanent” solution but, it is very important to know that it is not a final one. Back in the days, the options of doctors who performed it where very limited, and the old school technology used… View Article

Am I suffering from Hair Loss?

Are you thinning? Do you know how much? Maybe it’s time to find out. I’ve met a lot of people that don’t really know they are suffering from Hair Loss. Most of them have the wrong idea that it only affects men, others might think that it starts after your 40’s and most of them… View Article