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Hairatin Fibers

Turn your hair thicker and fuller instantly.

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Keratin Mist

Add moister while locking the fiber for a long-lasting result.

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Set of Fiber, Mist & Optimizer

Essential Set for Fine Hair

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Hairatin Gray Hair Touch-up

Roots and grays concealer for head, eyebrows, beard & mustache.

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Set of Fiber, Mist, Optimizer & Touch Up

Set of hair fibers and roots concealer essentials.

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Fiber Lash Extending Kit

Get that wide-eyed look instantly. *20% off for this month.

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Shampoo & Treatment

Volumizing set of hair care essentials.

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Clarifying Shampoo

Volumize and remove build ups for a healthier fuller hair.

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Hairatin Treatment

Deep treatment for a fuller look and feel.

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Hairline Optimizer

For a more precise application on thinnest areas.

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Available In
8 Color Match Shades

Our unique color-match formulation results in a translucent color that blends perfectly with your natural or dyed hair tone without leaving a mat appearance.

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Introducing Stylists best-kept secret products for man and woman.

We offer the most innovative technology and easy to use solutions for common issues like thinning, balding or graying by creating Effective and Instant transformational products that Deliver real and Natural-looking results.

Hairatin, so scientifically advanced that it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

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7 Thinning Hair Tips for Men

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6 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Hair

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