For Women

Wide Hair-part

Stephy is fun and full of energy. Her relationship with her hair turned from love to frustration and anger on her 20's when her part line started thinning. After undergoing hair loss treatments she was able to control the fall, but unable to grow her hair back. This is when she turned to Hairatin and everything changed-for the better.

Female Pattern Hair loss

Sarah suffers from total hair loss. At her 40's, when her hair started to fall after dealing with health complications, life as she knew it changed. She started distancing herself from social gatherings, feeling fear to be stared at, or laughed at. Sarah was never able to grow her hair back, but she did find a way to feel much better about it.

Receding Hairline

Giselle is a flight attendant and model, always on the go with little or no time to style her hair everyday. The ponytail look is her favorite: it's fun, easy and sexy. But her hairline started to thin recently from wearing the hair up so often. She decided to try Hairatin Fibers and to continue wearing her hair as she wanted, without limitations.

Androgenic Alopecia

Meet Angelica. She suffers from Androgenetic Alopecia and has been struggling everyday trying to cover it using hats, hair scarfs, sunglasses, wigs and hair pieces. All of these did the "trick", but none of it felt really comfortable, she wanted to wear her hair, her real hair. Hairatin did it for her. It did not grow it back, but she can now wear it with freedom.

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