How to cover grays & beard

Grays & Roots/Beard Concealer is the easiest way to temporarily touch up grays, roots or an uneven beard. No-dye solution.



Dry and style your hair or beard as usual.


Remove as much excess from the wand as possible (especially for the first application as the wand may contain more product).


For Roots: Start from the base of the root. Comb the gray area and gently brush the grays with short and light strokes. For beard: Gently apply on patchy area to create the "full" effect.


Allow a moment to dry. If desired, comb or style your hair after the application to separate hair strands and achieve a more natural look.

Usage Tips

  • During your first applications, the brush might contain more product than needed. Squeeze the brush onto the tube to remove as much excess as possible and to dry it out a little.
  • Do not brush your hair from root to ends, but brush only your white portion with very light strokes.
  • We recommend to finish by brushing your hair with a fine comb from roots to end to achieve more natural results.