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Meet Blain

Blain is thinning on the crown, a very common type of alopecia and a vast problem among men. However, although it might seem like it, Blainis not completely bald, he has hair and vellus still in that area, and since there is hair to work with, hair fibers can help!

Frontal Hair Loss

This is Nelson, a passionate for fitness who recently started thinning, but at a full speed. Fortunately, It is not likely for his Frontal Hair Loss to progress into a total one. Nelson likes to use Hair Fibers to thicken and add volume to his remaining hair.

recently thinning?

It’s important to note that by the time you notice it by looking at yourself in the mirror, you have already lost 50% of the hair in that area. If you recently started thinning, you might have lost some hair but not all of it. Do not stress, it can be worse, instead, find a solution that can help you look and feel better.

After a Hair Transplant

Hair Transplants have become very popular lately. Even though it’s a permanent solution, it doesn't complete the job. It’s probable that you have fuller hair but a visible scalp still. Hairatin Fibers can maximize the transplanted area and minimize the appearance of scars to help you feel better after the procedure.

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There’s much more to life than hair, but when your hair looks great, you feel great and full of confidence.




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