Why Hairatin?

Uniquely Formulated

Hairatin Fibers are 10x thinner than other brands, 20x more magnetic, and do blend perfectly with any hair. We are not traditional old school fibers composed of solely keratin. We are uniquely formulated and mix keratin with cotton for 100% color and texture match.


Shine On

Traditional fibers are opaque, so you’ll find yourself mixing colors to get the right color match. Our fibers are translucent, which means they shine as much as hair does.


No Scalp Cover-Up

Other fibers fall mostly onto the scalp and just a little adheres to hair. Because they are not magnetic enough, they tend to look like a very cheap scalp cover-up. On the other side, Hairatin hair fibers adhere instantly to your own hair strands, and do NOT fall onto the scalp.

Ammonia Free

Unlike other brands, our fibers DO NOT contain ammonia. If you are losing hair you should stay away from ammonia, as it dries up the scalp and may promote breakage, leading to hair loss.



500% More Binding

Hairatin’s electrostatic composition binds fibers to hair strands 500% better than any other brand. Our hair fibers have a dipolar charge – meaning one end of the fiber is positive and the other one is negative– making them bind strongly and firmly with your existing hair.



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