Hairatin Hair Fibers are micro particles of the same natural keratin protein found in hair, nails and skin, processed and charged with magnetism to make them adhere to the static of human hair and instantly turn it 10 times thicker and fuller.

Hairatin Fibers work like a magnet. They adhere to each hair strand to instantly turn the hair thicker and fuller.

Everyone will notice a change, but nobody would know. Hairatin blends perfectly with the color and texture of your hair.

Hairatin does not encourage or discourage hair growth. It is a topical solution for hair thickness.

It can be used by men and women and it is gentle enough to be used by kids.

Yes, Hairtain is Ammonia free, unlike other brands.

Our fibers work with what you already have. If you have a bald spot at the crown, in most cases, there is still vellus left for fibers to work with!

No, it is not necessary to mix colors when using Hairatin. Our unique color-match formulation allows our fibers to mimic the hundreds of tones in the color of human hair. Just as your hair slightly changes when looked at from different light environments and angles, Hairatin Shades have the same effect when applied. It's completely undetectable and doesn’t look matte, unlike other fibers.

Dark Brown is what we call the “Natural Black Period”. If your Dark color is natural and the hair slightly turns lighter on the light, then you are probably a Dark Brown. Black is a less natural color; it is recommended when the hair color is jet black or if you dye your hair Black-Black.

Hairatin fibers can stay in place for up to 1 week or until you wash your hair. They may shift over the course of the week but they can easily be touched up. Many individuals who go to the salon weekly for a shampoo/set or a blowout will leave the fibers in until their next appointment.

Yes you can. It is recommended to use Hairatin Fibers after styling the hair so you don’t have to retouch.

Anything other than hairspray should be applied prior to Hairatin Fibers. It is recommended to it after styling your hair so you don’t have to retouch. Just let your styling products dry before applying it.

The Hairline Optimizer is ideal for framing the face nicely, around the forehead and temple areas. The irregular teeth adapt to the hairline and prevent excess fibers from falling onto unwanted places like your scalp or forehead.

Hairatin Fibers are 10x thinner than other brands, 20x more magnetic, and blend perfectly with any hair. No dull/matte appearance like other brands do. For a more detailed answer to how Hairatin differs from other brands, check out the "WHY HAIRATIN" tab under the "OUR FORMULA" dropdown menu.

It is not needed, but it is recommended to lock fibers in place through days without having to retouch often.

No. Hairatin Fibers will never stain or paint as it does not dissolve. If it falls onto the clothes during the application simply dust it off.

Yes! None of our products are ever tested on animals.

Yes, it is a powder, not a gel or liquid so it is safe to take by plane. Still, we encourage you to consult directly with your airline beforehand.

Hairatin Grays & Roots Concealer is a temporary color solution that can be used as often as several times a day to cover grays or roots as they appear on head, mustache, beard and eyebrows.

It is waterproof and will last in your hair until shampooing. If the color fades, you can retouch as needed.

Hairatin Grays & Roots Concealer should be used on dry hair. It can also be used on slightly damp hair.

Yes, it is recommended to achieve better results.

Yes, you can style your hair as usual after the application.

Yes, you can. It is recommended that styling products are applied before but they can also be applied afterwards with no problem.

The gel is the longer tube and the fibers is the shorter one. They are both labeled with the STEPS they should be used in.

You can use the gel as mascara, but the results won’t be as dramatic.

Yes, our high performing 3D Fiber Lash Extension Kit (Lash Extension Fibers + Collagen Gel) is water resistant.

Yes, it is safe to use with contacts and sensitive eyes.

All day or until removed.

Very easy to remove with makeup remover or a cleanser.

It will feel heavier that a regular mascara, but it will only be felt for the first couple of minutes. After it dries, it will feel much lighter than your regular mascara. You will not even remember you have something on them.

The Collagen Gel helps your lashes grow, while moistening them. The quality of the fibers are 10x lighter for a more natural –but 500x bigger– look.

You should use it once a week, as Hairatin Shampoo is a deep cleanser. Just as we must exfoliate our skin, we should do the same with our hair.

You can keep using your regular shampoo.

You can use it as much as you need. It is strong enough to deeply moisturize and strengthen the hair but gentle enough to be used as needed.