best summer hair care routine

The ONLY Summer Hair Care Routine you need

Summer! That long-waited season where we let ourselves (and our locks) hang loose. But, along with those fascinating and carefree days spent under the sun, comes a cocktail of elements that can wreck havoc on your hair.

Sun, salt, sand, and chlorine –just to name a few– can really take a toll on our tresses. And no one wants to say goodbye to summer with fried up hair. Am I right? This is why we’ve put together the BEST Summer Hair Care Routine so you can enjoy your sun-infused days to the max, whilst taking care of your hair.

Hop on to learn how to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy all summer long!



Why should you adopt a Summer Hair Care Routine?

Before we share our top tips, let us quickly guide you into why you should adopt a summer hair care routine.


Sun-induced Stress.

It’s no wonder that the sun, as lovely as it is, can cause severe damage not only to our hair but to our skin. When exposed to it for long periods of time, UV rays from the sun actually cook your hair shaft. And your new and fresh summer color? Sadly, it will begin to fade if not properly protected.

The sun’s rays dry out your hair strands and tend to roughen up your natural, smooth hair cuticle. In time, your cuticle, or the outer layer of the hair shaft, becomes weaker. What happens next? Your hair begins to break much, much easier. And if your hair is already thinning or falling, it may begin to thin and fall way faster.


The Frizz Effect.

Ooohhh we’ve all been through it! That undesired frizz situation that comes along with humid weather. But why is that? Parched hair soaks up the extra humidity in the air, causing your hair shaft to swell. This then leads to breaks in the cuticle, making your hair puff up. And it decides to go everywhere… but down and smooth!


The Dip Damage.

Should you opt for a dip in the ocean, instead of the pool? You might think that swimming in the ocean is a better option (and it is!) as it is a natural habitat. But when considering just your hair, either scenario tends to take a toll on it.

In any regular pool, chlorine and other harsh chemicals that are meant to keep the pool sanitized will strip away your hair’s natural protective oils. If your hair is blonde, you might even notice it turns a slight shade of green once you’re out. Why? Because of the copper molecules inside these chemicals, as they bind to the protein in your hair shaft.

And as for the sea, well, the strong salt levels present in seawater dry out the natural moisture in your hair and skin. Yes, we know. That natural beachy hair looks beautiful. But in the long run, your locks will start to feel more like straw!



Our Summer Hair Care Routine.

Now, let’s get on it. Here are our top 5 heat-proof tips to keep your hair looking great, even in the hottest of summer days:


1. Hello summer, hello trim!

First off, why not start with a great trim to get those split ends out of the way? Remember, a regular trim will always keep your hair healthier. Freshly cut tips are a LOT less prone to breakage than already opened tips. This will not only control its breakage but that frizz effect, as well.


2. Protect your strands.

Yes! Hair sunscreen is a thing. You can find products such as gels, creams or sprays that contain UV filters. They will help your hair stay protected from sun and heat damage, as well as help keep color-processed hair from fading. And, hey! Don’t forget about hats. Summer is the best excuse to take out those fashionable pieces you’ve been dying to wear all year long. Get your style on!


3. Wash less often, but deeply.

Instead of washing your hair more frequently to deal with summer’s sweat and grime, try washing it less, but deeper! How? By using a clarifying, or anti-residue, shampoo once a week to clear away product buildup and chemicals.

Even the regular use of hair products like gel, mousse, waxes, daily regular shampoo or conditioner and chloride of tap water leaves build-ups on your hair that can weigh it down. It’s not just your skin that needs exfoliation from dead skin cells and buildup. Your scalp does, too!


4. Switch to a deep-conditioner.

The heat, the salt, the sand and the chemicals will inevitably dry out your hair. Add an extra bit of moisture to your hair by switching to a deep-conditioner treatment, best if enriched with keratin and panthenol. Why? Because they work to improve effects of hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility.  


5. Put your hair up in loose, care-free hairstyles.

Summer is the perfect time to get creative with your hair! A messy braid is a go-to style to keep your hair under control while also minimizing its sun exposure. Try messy buns, high ponytails, pigtails… you decide! Not only will they help keep the frizz at bay, but you will enjoy the freshness of having your hair off your neck.

And if your hair is thinning and you’re not sure if these look great on you, there’s a solution for that! Hair fibers can instantly cover up any visible bald spots (even at the hairline!) and make your hair seem thicker and fuller. In seconds. Plus, some out there are even water, wind and sweat resistant. Talk about summer-proof!



You’re all set for summer!

And there you have it. Our top 5 tips to include in your summer hair care routine for a healthy-looking hair all summer long. No complicated, extravagant treatments. Just a little boost of tender love and care for your locks!

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