The truth about Hair Loss in Women

Hair loss is commonly perceived as “just a man’s issue”. But that’s so utterly wrong. Hair loss in women is a huge thing. In fact, it’s considered that almost 50 million American women struggle with some kind of hair thinning.

Struggling with thinning hair can be very frustrating and even more emotionally devastating for women, than it is for men. Why? Simply because it’s not thought to be as common or expected to happen. It’s not as openly spoken about.

According to our fellow supporter, Dr. Alan Bauman, “women’s hair loss is underreported, under-treated, and doesn’t always get the respect and compassion it deserves, even from physicians”.

We spoke with Giselle, a 32 year old flight attendant who recently noticed her hair was thinning at the temples. She shared with us how, as a flight attendant, she’s always expected to look her best. And her hair is not the exception. But she had never given much thought to it until that day.


The Midnight Flight Discovery

While assisting people on the midnight flight, she was called up by a woman who needed help with her passenger light. It was twitching so she was not able to read her book. Giselle offered her to change seats to an empty one with a properly working light. The lady happily agreed.

As she sat down and turned on her light above, Giselle noticed it. The hair at her temples was almost gone. And this woman was no more than two years older than her.

The realization scared her. Was she thinning as well? She quickly rushed to the bathroom and was shocked at what she saw. She was styling her usual work hairdo, a clean, high ponytail. And yes, her temples were showing. It was not super noticeable, but it was there.

Now she saw it, and she could not unsee it. Soon she started stressing about it, and was convinced that it was becoming more noticeable ever since she spotted it. Giselle went into what’s known as the vicious cycle.

When you notice your hair is thinning, you stress about it. And then, because of that stress, you may begin to thin or lose your hair faster.

Giselle was desperate. She did not want to obsess over something that was only natural, but she did care for her appearance. And that’s when she found us. Hair Fibers were her remedy. Soon after she began using them she felt more confident and carefree.

It was such a quick fix. I use them everyday after styling my ponytail and it makes me feel so much better. The thinning is undetectable! I finally stopped obsessing over it,” she says.


Rock your hair!

While hair fibers may not regrow her thinning hair, she now feels empowered. It has made her regain her confidence. And for her, that’s good enough. Hair loss in women is natural, but it’s how you choose to live with it that makes the difference.