Ways to add volume to your hair

Whether it is straight or curly, long or short, blonde or black, you always want your hair to have volume and remain shiny. Here you will find some tricks and tips to achieve the perfect look when it comes to your hair.



It is important to keep up with regular haircuts. This will make your hair look healthier and better. It will also avoid split ends and damage. Additionally, your hair will look thicker which makes it look longer and with more volume. The shape and style will be maintained making you feel more confident about yourself and how your hair looks. Cutting it in layers is also a very nice way to add that volume you desire.


Washing Routine

You probably have your own washing routine; however, make sure you are not doing something wrong. Use the right shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair. A volumizing shampoo will maintain your hair volume after you get off the shower. It will also avoid hair splits.



You can improve your hair volume by drying your hair upside down. Use the heat of the hairdryer and your fingers to move and massage your scalp. This movement will give you that volume you are looking for.



If you want even more volume, add some waves to your hair. Wavy hair has more volume than straight hair because it has more air between its fibers. You can achieve it using a curling iron or sleeping in buns if you got less time to work on those.



Having an egg or two for breakfast gives your hair the keratin it needs from the protein of the eggs. If you definitely don’t like eggs or don’t have some at home, you can try other breakfast options rich in protein so your hair can receive the vitamins and nutrients it needs to become thicker and stronger.


Oils and other products

Applying products like coconut or Argan oil on your hair ends will protect it and make your hair stronger. The ends are the most delicate part of your hair so you need to take special care of them. Massage it and brush your hair so the oil reaches everywhere. We also recommend products with natural hair fibers. They will turn your hair fuller and thicker helping you achieve greater volume.

Finally, remember to keep a healthy diet, avoid smoking and always love your hair! It is your best accessory so wear it always with the best attitude. Feeling beautiful is looking beautiful. And now that you have the perfect tips and tricks to add volume to your hair ¿What are you going to do?

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