hairstyles the cause of hair loss

Is your hairstyle the ultimate cause of your hair loss?

If you wear almost every day the same hairstyle, without knowing it, you may be damaging your hair and promoting hair loss. Even if you look great it’s not recommended to always follow the same pattern when it comes to hairstyle. So, is your hairstyle the cause of your hair loss?

The kind of hair loss produced as of this actions is called traction alopecia. It is caused by the pulling effect you apply in the same areas of your hair follicles when you style your hair. Below you will find some of the most common hairstyles damaging your scalp. Take a look and evaluate your choices to avoid future damages.



These are probably the most common hairstyle, but when you pull your hair back on a ponytail your scalp gets hurt and the hair follicles get damaged causing hair loss. Hair ties can also break your hair. Wearing a ponytail every day can also give you headaches and itchy scalp. We know ponytails are easy and convenient plus as they can give you this casual sexy look, but just try to vary it a little bit.



Even though there are many different types of braids, constantly wearing them may cause hair loss. It doesn’t matter if they are cornrows or a regular three-strand tight braid, if the hair is braided close to the scalp creating some tension, it will end up in hair breakage and loss. Again, don’t freak out. This does not mean you have to stop wearing braids, its just a reminder for you not to wear them every day.



If you like really tight buns, you need to take it easy on them. If they are pulled back very hard, hair breaks, the scalp suffers and it becomes itchy. Also when your is hair wet and you can’t dry it, you shouldn’t wear a bun. Why? When hair is wet it becomes more fragile, therefore, it’s more likely to break. This actually goes for any hairstyle. So, learn and apply.



If you wear hair extensions, you should be aware of the side effects of its constant use, permanent alopecia being its main one. There is nothing to hide here: you should be careful! If they are too heavy they can definitively damage your follicles and promote hair loss. Whether they are attached to your scalp through gluing or clipping, the effect is the same. What is the best thing you can do? Try to remove the clips every night and never clip them in the exact same place.

Dreadlocks, among others, are also hairstyles that are leading you to baldness. We are definitely not advising you not to wear them, but instead, to wear them moderately. If you are not sure if it really is your hairstyle the cause of your hair loss, then try styling it a little bit different every day. If the damage is already done, you should look for a treatment that helps you reverse these effects.

Now, have you heard about hair fibers? They turn your hair thicker and fuller instantly. Beyond the science behind them, you should check them out and evaluate how they can complement your hairstyle so you can always get the results you want!