National HAIR LOSS Awareness Month

Yes, there is a whole month every year dedicated to Hair Loss Awareness. Since it affects over 50 million men and 30 million women in the US alone, it is important, right? With the significance society has placed in our appearance, it’s not surprising that billions of dollars are invested yearly on preventing and treating it.


Solutions for Hair Loss

Surgical solutions like hair transplants or PRP, pharmaceutical options like medication and vitamins, and noninvasive solutions like hair thickeners or cosmetics have become so technologically advanced that nowadays hair loss is not inevitable, but optional. For men, even though they are “genetically programmed to eventually start losing hair”, going through it is still devastating. Most admit their self-esteem, personal and professional life is impacted by it.


Women, on the other hand, experience hair loss differently. It is common for women not to realize they are thinning until it’s already advanced. Women think of hair loss as bald spots or a fully visible scalp. And that is not exactly how women lose hair. So, the condition tends to pass unnoticed. If you are a woman with thinning hair, most likely you are having a receding hairline or an uneven frontal line. For some, a wider than usual hair parting. For others it’s a visible scalp on the crown. Or fine hair that is just difficult to style.


Early Treatment is Key!

So, hair loss awareness is important. With millions of solutions and options to treat thinning hair or hair loss nowadays, it’s time to act and choose the best alternative. Think about this, when you can spot your scalp by looking into the mirror, you have already lost 50% of it in that area. This means that you should have already started a treatment or option to prevent, maintain and control it.