Fake lashes? Watch out for these side effects!

Perhaps you, as many other women, think that eyelashes are a really important piece of your look. And they truly are. However, not all women are lucky enough to have pretty, long lashes. If you use fake lashes on a daily basis, you should be aware of the side effects when using them often. Remember, your health is always more important than wearing nice makeup.

Let us share with you some of the harmful side effects of wearing fake lashes:


fake lashes glue side effects


This is the most commonly used tool to attach faux lashes onto your eye lids. Glue may cause an allergic reaction and damage your eyes. It can also have strong chemicals that can hurt and irritate your eyes or skin. Also, when you take them off, you can accidentally pluck your natural eyelashes and damage its hair follicles.


fake lashes side effects

Dirt and Bacteria

Honestly, fake lashes are not the most hygienic accessory for you to wear. They tend to accumulate dirt and bacteria in one of the most sensitive organs of your body. Dirt and bacteria may cause an eye infection that can lead to more serious health and eyesight problems.

One of the main functions of your real eyelashes is to protect your eyes from dust, sweat and other elements. Due to its absorption levels, fake lashes can block real lashes from doing their job. Don’t forget the fact that they weaken your follicles over the long-run. Therefore, thinner weaker lashes protecting your eyes.


fake lashes side effects sensibility


When your eyes have been through a lot of damage from irritations or allergies, they become more sensitive and vulnerable. If you loose your natural eyelashes, there will be nothing to protect your eyes and you will most likely need medical treatments! Our intention is not to scare you but to share with you valuable information so that you understand the possible side effects and learn how to avoid them.


Healthier Alternatives

Sometimes people ignore the side effects of using fake lashes, or makeup in general, and get surprised when it is kind of late. Always be informed of the correct way to use beauty enhancing products and their potential issues. In terms of eyelashes, we recommend finding other alternatives to get longer, bulky and thicker lashes. Have you heard of lash extending fibers or 3D Fiber Lashes, a healthier and easier way to get the wide-eyed look?

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