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The Hack to Bad Hair Days

Ohh, bad hair days. We’ve all had them. Did you know that the average American suffers about 96 bad hair days a year? A poll of 2,000 Americans discovered that the average American will have three months worth of bad hair days every single year. Well, friend, you’re just in luck because we’ve found the hack to bad hair days. One that will fix (almost) all your hair problems. Stay with us.

The Effects of a Bad Hair Day

It could be hair falling out while washing or brushing. Or, general hair loss. Sometimes frizzy and oily or greasy hair.

A poll conducted by OnePoll and Hairmax showed that four out of five Americans admit to having chosen to stay in rather than leave the house when having a bad hair day. Half of the participants state they have bailed on a date because “they couldn’t get their hair to look right”. About a third say they have called in sick to work over a hair issue. And another 43% have even bailed on a job interview due to a bad hair day. Yikes!

Now, when unfortunate hair matters disrupt your functioning and self-esteem, it’s time to do something about it.


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How to Fix a Bad Hair Day

As heard by many of the poll participants, having thinning or lifeless looking hair is “a tell-tale sign that it’ll be a bad hair day”.

“Great looking hair is a major factor in people’s confidence. Experiencing thinning hair or hair loss may significantly lower one’s confidence overall”, states David Michaels, HairMax Founder. 

So, what can you do about it today? Deal with your hair problems at the first sign of trouble. While thinning hair can often be reversed with science-backed solutions to re-grow your hair, you can also choose to go for easy, non-invasive topical solutions such as hair fibers.

When your hair is looking thin and lifeless, or when your bald spots are more visible than other days, hair building fibers are the way to go.


The Hack: Hair Fibers

And how does this hack to bad hair days work? Basically, hair fibers are micro particles of the same natural keratin protein found in hair, nails and skin. These particles resemble your own hair shafts. Here’s how they do their magic: They are charged with magnetism that makes them adhere to the static of human hair instantly. Making your existing hair look 10 times thicker and fuller!

And just like that, you’ve got a full head of hair again. Now you’re looking flawless and 20 years younger, in under 30 seconds. Talk about a confidence boost!

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Other less effective but still functional ways to cover up a bad hair day are:

1- Wearing a hat or hair accessory

2- Styling it with braids or buns

3- Using hair extensions or hair pieces

4- Using dry shampoo

5- Avoiding washing it


Bad Hair Day? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

While there’s no ultimate cure for bad hair days, we do get to choose how to handle them. And how much we allow them to ruin our mood and our present moment. Sometimes you sleep on it funny. Some other times you put too much product the day before. And, sometimes, it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

Buuut you can always make the best with what you have! That is, making your existing hair look fuller and thicker. Hair fibers have helped so many people fall back in love with their hair. Or, at the least, feeling like they have control over their hair again.

Hair fibers work as a hack to bad hair days. But it’s the confidence and smile you get out of it that work as a hack to turn that day into your best one ever.

Have you tried them yet?