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Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Losing Hair – And how to work with what you have!

We all lose hair, pretty much all the time. But sometimes a slightly bigger clump of hair gets stuck in your brush. Or you find a hairball clogging your shower drain. And it freaks you out. Am I right? Let us walk you through some of the top reasons why you are losing hair. But most importantly, how to work around hair loss and use what you have.

Imagine if you could multiply the number of hair strands you have x10… Imagine if you could have a full head of hair even if your hair is breaking or falling out. And imagine if you could achieve this in under 2 minutes while you get ready every morning. Wouldn’t you feel so amazing?! Here’s how.


Reasons you Are losing Hair:


1. Hair Styling

From heat styling tools –like a curling iron or hair straightener– to hairstyles that put too much stress on your hair –like tight hair bands or hair braiding. Heat and hair pulling makes your hair more prone to breakage. If you are a daily user of heat styling devices or tight ponytails, your hair may most likely be thinning, if not falling, on the regular.

Tip: Have you heard of hair masks? Try a weekly hair mask. They help your hair regenerate by giving it back its shine, softness and strength! Some are known to reduce hair breakage, frizz and damage. Plus, there’s so many DIY options so you don’t have to spend a fortune!


2. Hair Products

While we do shed about 100 hairs per day, it’s not normal to lose so much hair every single time you apply your hair care routine. Too many hair care products could be making your hair heavier than it should. Try to keep it simple!

Tip: Avoid products that contain parabens or any ingredients that are too complicated to spell.

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3. Hair Coloring and Treatments

Hair coloring, bleaching or treating is not harmful if applied correctly. But when these treatments are done too regularly, it can be. You should never ever have too many treatments done all in the same day.

Putting your hair through bleaching, coloring and straightening all at once will in fact weaken your hair shaft, causing hair breakage. And hair breakage results in thinning hair.

Tip: Speak with your hairstylist so that whatever changes you want to do to your hair are done in a progressive way. Give your hair time to get healthier before continuing to apply stressors to it!


4. Stress (especially Post Pandemic!)

Hair loss due to stress, medically called Telogen Efflevium, occurs when hair shifts from a growing phase to a resting phase. This takes place around 3-6 months after a “trigger,” which can be either physical or psychological.

Common triggers include experiencing a highly stressful event or situation. As well as having a high fever, a chronic illness, a major surgery, severe emotional disorders, anemia, crash diets, hypothyroidism, or drugs.

Tip: When we begin to notice we are losing hair, our stress levels go up, causing even more hair to fall out. This vicious cycle is where most people get stuck in when they first notice hair loss signs. Consider using products that instantly reduce the visibility of bald spots to give yourself a break from the stress caused by visually experiencing these bald patches. Thus, a chance for your hair to return to its natural growth phase with no extra added stress!


5. Natural Aging and Genetics

Some women experience hair thinning on the top of the head or partline, develop a receding hairline, or hair loss on the sides. This is called Female Pattern Baldness.

The same goes for men. The most common cause of hair loss in men is called Male Pattern Baldness and it’s due to genetic factors. Its signs are thinning on the crown, on the top, on the sides, or developing a receding or mature hairline.

Tip: When your hair loss is due to uncontrollable reasons like natural aging and genetic factors, make the most of what you still have! Have you tried Hair Fibers? They are small fibers made of the same protein found in your hair. These tiny hairs stick to your existing hair to make it look fuller and thicker, in seconds. Now that’s working smarter, not harder!

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What to do? Work with What you Have!

With hair loss, it is always important to address the problem at its roots. Literally. Causes for hair loss are numerous, but so are the treatments nowadays. Visit a professional –not your hairdresser but a Hair Restoration Doctor– and ask for help in picking the solution that most fits to your case. Remember, by the time you’ve noticed it you’ve already lost about 50% of the hair in that area.

Sometimes you can and sometimes you cannot recover your hair. But whilst you are going through it, why not work with what you already have? Imagine if you could multiply the number of hair strands you have x10… Imagine if you could have a full head of hair even if your hair is breaking or falling out. And imagine if you could achieve this in under 2 minutes while you get ready every morning.

You can, with Hair Fibers. Hair Fibers exist to make you feel as comfortable as possible in your own hair. For some women, it makes them feel younger and boosts their self-esteem. For some men, regaining control over their hair makes them feel more confident and manlier.

So, are you ready to fall back in love with your hair? Check out real results here.