male pattern baldness

How people see men with thinning hair.

Did you know that men with a fuller head of hair are more likely to be chosen for a job than men with evidence of baldness? Or that some men’s hairline, when receding, can make them seem less approachable? Yes, we know. It’s not fair! This is how people see men with thinning hair.

No matter if you are currently experiencing hair loss or not, it’s likely that your hair situation has significantly impacted how others perceive you. This is particularly true in the workplace. Read on to discover how people see men with thinning hair, and how it affects their self-image and self-confidence.

A Canadian study done in the year 2000 explored the effects of hair loss when job hunting. It was found that 41% of male candidates with a full head of hair were selected for an interview, while only 27% of bald men were. Today, almost 20 years later, this is still an issue.


“Men with fuller heads of hair appear more successful and approachable.”

A recent study in 2016 found that, just like Biblical Samson, a fuller head of hair makes a difference in how people perceive you. John Hopkins University researchers asked a group of people to compare photos of 122 men before and after they got a hair transplant.

Even while they were looking at the same men, people in the study rated men after their hair transplants as appearing more successful, youthful, attractive, and approachable.

In a recent hair census done by Dove, 8 in 10 men said that their hair made them look professional, the look of it was important, and that their hair helps them feel confident. Hence, most of these men stated that they have “felt judged by how much hair they have on their heads” at least one time in their life.

Agism and hair discrimination keeps showing up as a real problem in the workplace. In an interview conducted by Bulletproof Founder, Dave Asprey, hair restoration surgeon Dr. Alan J. Bauman discusses how restoring one’s natural hairline or dying gray hairs can significantly add a decade to one’s career in corporate America.


hair loss due to stress


Stress and hair loss.

What’s ironic, though, is that having a thick head of hair may help you to get ahead, but most men in top jobs are considered more prone to hair loss from stress than their junior counterparts. Hair loss due to stress has become widely popular in the last few years. When we begin to notice we are losing hair, our stress levels go up. This stress causes even more hair to fall out. 

This vicious cycle is where most people get stuck in when they first notice any hair loss signs. A way to break it is to consider using products that instantly reduce the visibility of the bald spots or hair thinning. While you give yourself a break of the stress caused by visually experiencing these bald patches, you are also helping your hair return to its natural growth phase.

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sexy bald man


It’s all about confidence!

Studies have also demonstrated that “thin hair guys” have reduced self-esteem and self-confidence as well as a more self-conscious behavior. In other words, how people see men with thinning hair also affect these men’s perception of themselves.

What’s important is that, for bald men or for those who have a full head of hair, self-confidence is key. So if you are a man who’s losing their hair it is important to determine what you can do to boost up your self-confidence. You can decide to shave it all off, go into laser therapy or opt for easier, less invasive and cheaper solutions like “the two-minute transplant”.

Although there’s no definite male pattern hair loss cure, there sure are steps you can take. Hair loss in young men is more common than ever due to factors like stress that affect the normal hair growth speed. Do know that there’s absolutely no shame in having to experience it early on in your life.

All of the male hair restoration treatments we mention here can help you deal with the thinning, plus recover your self-esteem. It all comes down to what your health physician recommends, but most importantly, to what you feel more comfortable with.

Some men who experience male pattern baldness feel incredibly confident in their look. It suits them really well! Others may feel that their balding, and how people see men with thinning hair in the workplace overall, is holding them back in their career. Whichever your case is, know that you always have alternatives to help you cope with your hair loss pattern. And us, at Hairatin, are “hair” to help. Always.