Go inside - Stress management tips

Tips & hacks to deal with stress and prevent hair loss

Stress, like any other feeling of physical and emotional tension, comes and goes. The best way to deal with stress is to observe it. Because once we allow it to be, we begin to let it go. Follow these simple tips & hacks to keep you focused in the present moment, and become more aware of which activities keep you away from your peace –and from healthier, fuller, happier hair.

These are troubling times. Times in which we are being “forced” to stop. To take a break. No matter what you’re dealing with because of this situation, there’s one challenge that we are all undeniably facing. A challenge that knows no age, race, social status, or gender: Dealing with fear and stressful emotions.

But wait, before you keep reading we should warn you about something: It’s OK. These emotions you are feeling? They are normal. They are your mind’s way of protecting you from “possible worse scenarios”… but they’re not real. Nor are they happening right now.

Because we at Hairatin –just like you– have experienced these emotions, we want to share a set of tips & hacks to deal with stress –thus preventing possible stress-related shedding or thinning your hair might experience. It’s our invitation for you to go inward, when you can’t go outside.


Setting your tone.

Setting your tone.

What is the first thing you do after you open your eyes in the morning? Check your phone? Your e-mail? Studies show that the first 20 minutes after you wake up have a huge impact on the actions you take and the emotions you feel throughout your day. There’s a ton of good morning habits you can incorporate in your routine to drastically change the tone of your day.

Start off by dissing that hectic alarm sound –try a smoother sound, like chimes. Take a good ol’ stretch, your body will love it. Drink water –helps keep your locks shiny and voluminous, too. Lastly, listen to your favorite playlist while you get ready –dance it off!




Yes, we do it every day. All the time. But how much of that time are we actually just breathing? Try placing your hands on your belly and closing your eyes. Now, taking the slowest and deepest breath you can, feel how your belly expands as it gets filled with air. Hold your breath in for just a couple of seconds. And exhale out through the mouth even slower, as your hands follow your belly back down.

Try it at any point of your day, as many times as you find necessary. Your mind will wander, so don’t try emptying it. When thoughts do arrive, watch them. Picture them as clouds passing by. See what happens.


Write it out.

Write it out.

This one partners up well with the breathing. No matter how “good” or “bad” you consider yourself with writing, it’s a great way to not only track ideas that might come up during your day, but help you release and identify whatever feeling or situation your mind is holding onto.

There’s something so special about writing it all down on paper that leaves you feeling lighter. So, next time you’re doing your breathing, grab some pen and paper and write down whatever comes up. Don’t think too much about how it sounds, it’s just for you! 


Gratitude, your best ally!

And why not? There’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Even if you think it’s small, or insignificant, it isn’t. We promise you.

If you liked our previous tip of writing things down, we encourage you to begin a Gratitude Journal. Every night before going to bed, take a moment to identify ONE thing of your day that brought joy to you; that you are thankful for. Give it 30 days. You will be impressed by how much you already have.

These are just a few of our recommended tips & hacks to deal with stress. Life is constantly throwing challenges our way to help us grow, and sometimes, those challenges may seem very unfortunate. It’s precisely in those moments that we are given the opportunity of change.

We may not fully control what goes on outside –let it be a pandemic, or stress-related hair loss– but we can surely choose how to take it in. Our hack? A little more gratitude and self-acceptance.