For Women

Aging Hair Signs?

Yes, hard to accept but our hair also turns old. Thinning hair, hair loss, grays and thinner lashes or eye brows are the most common signs. Luckily you can conceal it with Hairatin.

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Is your HAIR part line is too wide?

Styling your hair when thinning can be frustrating and time consuming. Hairatin Hair Filler Fibers can reduce your styling time and increase your options.

A visible scalp when wearing a ponytail?

We love wearing a ponytail, but when the scalp becomes very visible its not that fun anymore. Conceal a receding hairline for a fuller look.

Increase your styling options and decrease your styling time with Hairatin Hair Fibers.

Hairatin Vs Others – 

Gray & Roots Concealer

Brush Out your roots and grays in seconds.

We know how hard it can be to go to the salon to dye your grays, only to have roots on your hairline within a week. Conceal those roots and extend your salon visit for a healthier hair.

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Visiting your colorist too often?

It can break and dry up your hair. Dying your hair too often can cause irreparable damage to your scalp and hair. Its better to use a none-dye roots touch up between salon visits.

Grays on the eyebrows?

Even just one gray on the eyebrow can be very noticeable and really hard to conceal with regular make up. Try our grays concealer for an easy and effective touch up.

Hairatin Grays and roots concealer is a revolutionary way to darken partially or totally unwanted grays without dying. You can now choose your shade of Gray.


3D Fiber lash extension kit

Not your regular mascara

Hairatin 3D Fiber Lash Extension Kit is a revolutionary set of mascara + Fibers that enhances the thickness and length of your lashes by 500% instantly.

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Tired of removing those faux lashes?

Are your own falling off? Don't use them! Get a wide-eyed look of at home with our 3D Fiber Lash Extension Kit

All conventional Mascaras are the same

We are all tired of running to buy the latest mascara just to find out it does the same as any other mascara.

The high performing Vegan Fibers are natural micro particles of the same protein found on your lashes. Being 10 times thinner and lighter that other fibers, it will easily attach to the collagen gel.