How to use 3d lashes

First time users of Hairatin 3D Fiber Lash Extension might find it a bit difficult to apply correctly. Watch this video and our tips below and say bye to faux lashes and harsh chemicals.



Apply the collagen gel to the top lashes of one eye. Use slow strokes and coat all of the lashes from base to tip. The collagen Gel dries up quickly so do not move onto the other eye yet.


Brush the fibers on top of the Collagen gel from midway to the tips of the lashes. Do it slowly and try not brush the fibers too close to the base of the lashes.


Apply again a coat of the Collagen Gel, slowly, over the fibers. This seals the fibers in and stops them from falling out.


Repeat on the other eye.


This set of mascara it’s build-able. You can repeat step 2 and 3 as many times as you like, one eye a time, to get the lash length you desire.