Hairstyles for men with thin hair

Top 4 haircuts for men with thinning hair –and how to style them

Thinning hair in men doesn’t necessarily mean your days of having great hair are over. It just means it’s time to find a new look – one that requires less maintenance and maybe even better style! Talk to your stylist about your face shape and what sort of cut will work best for you and your thinning hair.

Here are four haircuts that will highlight the good parts about your hair – and hide the thinning!


Arnold Hair

1. The Finger-Length Crop

Trim your hair just above where your fingers rest on your scalp when you brush your hands through it. You can also do shorter on the sides and slightly longer on the top if you want to hide crown thinning or hair thinning at the hair part.

To style it: Use just a little bit of product to give it some body. Do not spike or part hair, as this will highlight the thin roots and back of the head.


hair cut

2. Embrace the Buzz

A buzz cut is a great way to avoid the thinning hair drama all together. Make sure that your barber or stylist uses a buzz cutter to get the hair all the way down, where just a little hair is showing.

To style it: You don’t! But you do need to use sunscreen or wear a hat from time to time when out in the sun – your scalp can burn!


fluffy hair cut

3. Floppy and Full

If you’re used to wearing your hair longer, try a longer version of the high-and-tight cut commonly seen in military men.

Ask your hairdresser for advice on what type of barber cut can work for you, use scissors or a buzzer to trim down the bottom half of your head (closest to ears and neck). Then, trim the top hairs to be make it slightly longer than the bottom half. Add texture to give it volume. This works well if you have curly or thick hair, but is not recommended for guys with thin, lanky hair.

To style it: Use a high-quality sculpting paste to give it body. Don’t use too much, though, as it will look sticky and can even pull those precious hairs out.



4. The Brush Back

If you have thinning hair towards the back but the front of your scalp is hanging in there, try a front-to-back “comb over.” Buzz the bottom half of your head (along the ears and neck) and leave the top longer. Have your stylist taper it so the longer hairs are in the front. Then, brush it all straight back.

To style it: Use a little bit of mousse or gentle gel that doesn’t leave your hair stiff. Comb through your hair with the product on your fingers and let dry.

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