Chronicles of a Bald Man

A Hair Loss Story

My hair loss story started when I was nineteen years old! Yes, that early. When I was a kid I always imagined myself wearing this long, beautiful hair like one of those movie knights. I don’t know what it was, but I had this obsession with hair and the way it would look on me. But, my hair was not the best in town and my school didn’t allow us to wear long hair. I had to wait until school finished to let my hair grow. Finally, I had long hair and soon it started falling.

I went to the salon looking for a solution and right away my hair stylist told me I was suffering from hair loss and that, based on her experience, it was going to be dramatic.

I cried helplessly in the middle of the salon. My dreams of a long ponytail where shattered in seconds. I went back there and asked for a hair trim without compromising the length. I guess I was waiting for a miracle to happen but, it didn’t. At the time I didn’t know anything about products to prevent hair loss or technologies like the one behind Hairatin, so the following years my hair went literally down the sink in a fast-paced fashion. It took like three or so years to see my scalp hair reduced to 45%.

Time passed by and I had an internal conversation with myself and the fact that I was going to be a bald man. However, a ‘miracle’ happened. I found about this doctor who was a hair magician. Well, that’s how they called them. I asked for a consultation. When I entered his office, ‘Dr. Hair’ asked me: ‘Besides your evident hair loss situation, is there anything else I can help you with?’. It made me laugh but he really had a solution. I was 23 and the idea of getting my hair back was a fairy tale.

I started the treatment: a combination of Finasteride at 1% plus Minoxidil with other nutrients. It is a hormone and a topic treatment. I put all my faith in it and after a year, I had about 80% of my hair back. It seemed too good to be true and, in fact, it was. However, hormonal treatments have some undesirable side effects and Minoxidil is very aggressive on your scalp turning it very sensitive.

I also noticed two bald spots close to my forehead. When I was a kid I used to pull my hair on those spots making the follicles very weak so now, when I got my hair back, those follicles where already dead. I was wearing all kinds of things to cover them. Man, I wish I had a bottle of Hairatin at the time!

I kept taking the hormones and enjoyed ahead 80% full of hair until I eventually got tired of the slaving nature of the treatment and its side effects. One day I decided to let it go and cut my hair short. The spots were still there but I styled the hair to cover them. After a year or so I lost the hair gained after the treatment so I bought a hair cutting machine and practically shaved my head and never looked back.

The point here is that hair loss can be very aggressive or subtle. I had the opportunity to experience both scenarios until I accepted my situation. However, it is very nice to see how technology has evolved to give birth to products like Hairatin where you can improve your look at every stage and feel confident about it. I am bald now, but back in the day, I would have used it all the time. I guess I am going to have to wait until my next life.

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